Thank you to those who participated in our US beta.
World Lister is now retired.

About World Lister

World Lister was introduced by DreamWare Inc. on December 3, 2013 as the first listing app that offered sellers a customized, responsive, media-rich product listing at no cost. World Lister received certification as an eBay compatibile application, and allowed eBay users to manage their online inventory from anywhere. The mobile web app created beautifully laid out listings in under 2 minutes with auto-generated descriptions filled with relevant SEO keywords; no typing and no sales, marketing, or design experience needed.

As more features made their way into World Lister it became a full-fledged inventory management tool for eBay store owners. After almost 3 years, World Lister was taken offline as DreamWare Inc. devotes its energy towards more complete eCommerce solutions through developing platforms and microservices. If you would like to see what we're currently working on go to the DreamWare Inc. Homepage.

Our Current SAAS Platfrom Auto.Live

Auto.Live is an online cloud based management tool for both a vehicle owner, and a franchise dealerhsip.

Auto.Lives glovebox features offers a vehicle owner a virtual look inside their vehicle glovebox, where they can upload all their service records, schedule and pay for current service work and much more.

Auto.Live service solution for a dealerships, offers a level of communication, and engagement with their customers that has not been seen within the auto sector before.

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